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What is a Spiritual Counsellor?

Even though the word “spiritual counsellor” conjures up ideas of meditative yoga gurus or biblical priests, there are many different kinds of spiritual counsellors. Some of these counsellors are religious and adhere to a particular religion or spiritual journeys, such as Christianity or Buddhism. Many, on either hand, could be non-religious and include other faiths or spiritual themes in their therapy with their high experience and natural gift like Irish George. On average, spiritual counsellors of this sort think that therapy is a greater power above us that ties us to one another and the entire universe.

Whenever it comes right down to that, too, spirituality has become increasingly essential in the lives of many individuals, especially as individuals grow older. As we grow older, we might begin to doubt the spiritual ideas we were given as children, but we may seek to consolidate our set of views. Also, when we grow older and discover that we’ve become disoriented as we travel down our spiritual journey and want assistance. Because of these circumstances, spiritual counsellors and counselling have always been in demand.

What Exactly Can Spiritual Counsellors Perform?

Spiritual counsellors must be cross-culturally sensitive and grasp spiritual emergencies and other spiritual concerns. They understand and are devoted to a spiritual path in their very own as well as others’ existence. They create a safe holding and holy place for their customers’ unfoldment through concentrating on their essential inner connection, generating an open heart linkage, and being aware. Its emphasis within spiritual counselling is on completeness, working with the entire person, and aiding the client to achieve inner balance by integrating any aspects of self. It is subjective and focused on the customer’s unique experiences & realities; therefore, the counsellor thinks that their client’s world differs from theirs.

So Why would We Require Spiritual Advisors?

People who feel as to whether they lack their spirituality and are confused in their very own spiritual views can frequently feel as if they’ve been confused in life generally. Some people may even sense if a piece of their heart is broken or missing. Simply put, those were not pleasant emotions. Spiritual counsellors are unlike conventional mental health counsellors, who are constrained by scientific restrictions and may assist persons with most spiritual and religious issues.

Where Can You Find Spiritual Counselors?

Spiritual counsellors from many denominations may opt to serve at places of worship and certain other religious groups. On the other hand, other spiritual counsellors may work within general hospitals, mental healthcare facilities, hospice care centres, human or social service agencies, correctional institutions, non-profit organisations, or wherever required, such as online. On the other hand, many spiritual counsellors opt to create their own practises because it can be difficult to obtain full-time earning work in the spiritual counselling field.

The Advantages of Spiritual Counsellors


  1. “Experienced spiritual counsellors realise that spiritual progress has a developmental cycle so can evaluate and help clients as they progress through various phases,” George says. Spiritual counsellors, considered professionals in their area, can assist clients in reconnecting the spirit with both the body plus mind, allowing them to examine the deeper elements of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual health.
  2. It’s also worth mentioning that spiritual counsellors will never try to force their belief systems on their users – this is not regarding attempting to alter someone’s worldview. It’s about utilising spirituality and Mediumship to advantage and enhance one’s perspective of (and interaction with) own selves and the world surrounding them (relationship, job or any other thing).

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