About Private Readings

People like private readings and healing but might be a bit a nervous. No need – all readings are given in the spirit of love. If you are facing challenges regarding a job situation or relationship issues a reading will give you clarity and help you to see the bigger picture and which path to follow. You will also receive messages from your loved ones who have passed on which can be a great comfort in difficult times. All readings are given in a gentle and caring way and will leave you calm and with an enhanced understanding of your situation. Irish George is a natural born psychic , clairvoyant and medium. He travels in the UK and the world doing one-to-one readings. Irish George can do platform work , private functions and group readings at your home or where convenient.

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    Frequently asked questions about Private Readings (FAQ)

    How long a reading should last?

    From approx. 20 Minutes to 1 Hours

    Should we pay travel expenses?

    No, You don’t have to pay 🙂

    What is the Price Range?

    Completely depends on your location.


    About Irish George

    I am Irish George . I was born in Ireland and have had a natural gift since childhood. I have over 30 years of experience in giving psychic readings and have regular clients from all over the world
    I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and hear spirit talking. I tune into people’s voices and pass on detailed information from spirit. Very often I do not understand what the message is about as it is personal to you.
    I do private one to one readings or via mobile, Skype or email
    I do platform work, group and party readings.

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