ONE-On-one Spiritual Counseling

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counselling is a modern form of therapy which Incorporates spirituality into your treatment. While therapy and spirituality have been kept separate in the past, therapists are starting to see the value that spiritual beliefs play in the healing process. According to this type of therapy, spirituality is an important part of your treatment.

Spiritual counselors are also interested in helping their clients to recover their psychological well-being, however, they focus on how their clients’ spiritual beliefs can be used during the healing process. They explore how their client’s emotions are related to their belief system. They also explore the belief system that their clients acquired from their parents and how changes to the beliefs that no longer serve them can be important for healing. The sense of interconnection between the client and a higher power is Incorporated into the treatment that spiritual counselors offer.

What Happens in a Spiritual Counseling Session?
You can expect to receive spiritual guidance during your therapy session. During the session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the challenges that you’re facing as well as to explore solutions based on your spiritual beliefs. Your treatment will depend on your individual needs. Research suggests that incorporating an individual’s spiritual beliefs into the therapy session can facilitate the healing process. Some studies show that an individuals well-being is dependent on their mind, body, and soul. When people are faced with a spiritual crisis, it can have an impact on every aspect of their life. Spiritual counseling aims to help you to achieve self-realization, which makes it easier to navigate life’s challenges.


What will I learn from this workshop?
– learn to gently heal and release the negative beliefs that prevent you from fulfilling your true potential
– learn to alienate stress, anxiety, depression, and gain the ability to nurture peace within your self which all will allow you to reach a higher level of love, empathy, and happiness within yourself.