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The cycle of life is like a perfect circle, constantly moving, flowing. But it also has a pyramidal expression in human minds, for as we walk here, we are also in constant movement, in a fluid cycle of exchanges. However, in our relationships with each other, we often look upon others with admiration, follow their example in some things, aspire to be like them, listen to what they say and follow their councils. We too often place ourselves above others, especially those we think need help or are on a level of consciousness that we perceive to be inferior. And then, many times, it is us who are looked at with admiration, as something to aspire to. And so the exchanges are made and a circle can have a pyramidal expression.

We all judge each other constantly, look at each other with criticism, full of advice, sometimes well-intentioned and with love, sometimes not so much. And sometimes we get to the point of looking at each other and thinking, “Jesus, I’m so well-intentioned. I like this person so much but she’s so lost and I have the tools to help her. I look at her and see her for what she is, with all her faults and fears, if only she would listen to me and heed my advice”.

So, here we go, here we walk, like this. Stuck in this exchange just trying to elevate ourselves and others. Arrogant, we call upon intuition. We say it’s intuition. “My intuition guides me and it’s never wrong”. Sometimes the mirror breaks, and the shards pierce our hearts and then, ah… Ouch, ouch, it hurts, it pierces.

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