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Spiritual Healing Therapy energetically removes the source of deep-seated obstructions from this life and past lives using renowned and effective healing techniques such as SRT, Re-divining the Matrix, Living the Impossible, the concept of Theta DNA, Life Coaching and others.

Why We Need Healing Therapy?

Negative energy is produced by the intellectual, physical, religious, and emotional self in various forms on a daily basis. Unknowingly, in our current and even our past lives, we retain energies from past events and traumas.

Spiritual Healing is entirely natural, non-invasive, and completely consistent with any other medical treatment. This treatment eliminates any deep-rooted blockages and helps to expel any negative energy.

How does it work?

There are unverifiable energy-based treatments, such as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. These treatments embody the belief that people have a hidden form of life-force energy that is not observable by modern science.

In traditional Chinese medicine, prana in ayurvedic medicine, and spirit in Judeo-Christian traditions, this subtle, unproven energy is often called qi. The goal of energy therapy is to balance this new life-force energy. The effects of spiritual healing therapy could be underpinned by different physical behavior.

A practitioner of spiritual healing can redirect energies to the patient. In this way, they can reconnect with their natural resources and power. The practitioner will facilitate the process of healing intuitively. This method helps the patient cope in the right way with the root of the conflict or injury.

There may be a placebo effect at hand. Placebo has a measurable effect in many scientific studies. Therefore, many people believe that energy therapy can benefit people with cancer regardless of the lack of evidence of life force energy.

Music therapy is the use of music by qualified professionals to facilitate relaxation and improve the quality of life of health care receivers.



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