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Is Mediumship Real

Absorption with spiritual and non-spiritual auditory hallucinations was more common in Spiritualists than in the general public group. In addition, the greater the clairaudient life experiences frequency, the greater the Spiritualist collective’s susceptibility to absorption. According to the findings of Irish George, spirituality and absorption appear to be linked in the general public. There was no correlation between spirituality and illusion in this particular cohort. According to prior research, people are much more inclined to get interested in the supernatural due to an uncommon sensory encounter than the other side.


In the words of Irish George:


I found a lot regarding ‘learning and longing'” from my childhood gift. I found that the spiritual beliefs of our subjects were able to explain their remarkable childhood experiences and their frequent hearing events as mediums. “However, every one of those encounters may be largely the effect of having particular dispositions or early skills than merely believing inside the possibility of reaching a deceased person if you try hard enough.”

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What do you think happens to a person’s soul after they die?



While many scientists aren’t comfortable only with the term “soul,” this idea is very much like the self, human mind, or awareness. Mediumship, near-death encounters, and children who recall past lifetimes are three essential areas of study supporting the hypothesis that consciousness transcends the patient’s death; all suggest that the mind is non-local and will remain that way when the body dies. In addition, it appears that the awareness keeps growing and learning when disembodied.




Is it possible for mediums to communicate with the dead?


The Irish George study focused on comparing the auditory illusions, beliefs, and other identifying features of mediums to those of the general public. One must wonder if the research design may explain the results, which depended on self-reports. Individuals may have given identical answers because they could not tell the difference between questions with similar wording on four scales. More study is required to determine if absorption makes people more likely to have Rare examples or believe that Conditions such as high are possible. Another complicated link that has yet to be studied is the influence of diverse cultures, ideologies, and cultural beliefs between absorption and Involves a substantial.

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