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I am lucky that my gift and modern technology allows me to visit places all over the world and still do my bookings regardless of time and place.
My travels not only enrich my knowledge about places I visit but they also lift my spirits and help me connect with souls both live and passed.
Recently I have visited Thailand. A place with people who always have smiles on their faces which is contiguous. I have used this energy for personal healing and healing sessions that I have done there.
If you have an opportunity – I strongly suggest visiting this beautiful corner of the world. If you can’t – feel free to book a season and allow me to pass on to you the energy that I have taken from that place.
Use the gift that I have for you benefit, use technology for your own gain, use all of this for you. Whenever you need me – just go through the simple booking process.

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  • I’m so happy that you got away to energize your soul George… and helping people as well! Personally, I feel a STRONG pull to visit Bali! It seems to be a place that holds lots of Spirituality! UBUD looks amazing!! It’s on my bucket list (in my mid-life). It sounds like you enjoyed your Spiritual experience! You appear that you really enjoyed your time there! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us! ?

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