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If are having hard times after a breakup and were searching for some hobbies to do after a breakup, you have come to the right place. Breakups are physically and emotionally excruciating. If you don’t take measures for the treatment, they can be lethal as well. History is full of examples where people took their lives because they succumbed to emotional trauma.

After a breakup, most people sleep the entire day and feel like not doing anything.  It is quite normal. However, it is not normal to soak in the sadness and think about it all the time. You will deepen your scars by doing so.

The problem is that nobody teaches how to overcome a breakup. We all know the solutions for many physical illnesses. We know which doctor to refer to in case the issue aggravates.  However, the majority is not aware of how to lead a normal life after a breakup. It is due to a lack of awareness. For some segments in society, the breakup seems dwarf to physical illness. These people don’t realize that mental malaise has far-reaching consequences and is difficult to cure compared to physical ones.

If not treated on time, these mental complications can put your physical well-being on the line, as well as an effect on job performance. In the worst-case scenario, as we mentioned earlier, an individual might commit suicide.

The good news is that it is possible to return to normal after being emotionally down. The trick is to involve in some productive activities. In this way, you will divert your attention from the cause of the breakup. The question is what activities?

In this article, we mention 15 hobbies to do after a breakup. These will renew your energy and bring your life to normal in no time. So, let’s dive in

  1. Admit the grief

The first step in getting past the emotional upheaval is to do admit that your significant half has left you. He/She is no more and now you will have to move ahead in life. Also, admit that you are in a state of grief and sorrow. This is the first step towards rehabilitation.

It would be stupid to say that everything is fine. It is ok if you feel like crying, lying on the bed all day and wanting to be left alone. Bad times come in everyone’s life. You have to give yourself time to swallow the grief and sadness. The sooner you realize this, the better it would be for you.

Remember not to express your anger by breaking something or shouting at someone. This way you would cause irreparable damage to your belongings and loved ones.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best hobbies to do after a breakup. Most people have this misconception that you need to go to a far-flung and quiet place to effectively meditate. Though meditation should be in a quiet place, you need not go to the mountains or a jungle. Any quiet place would work, even if it is your house. Also, you don’t have to spend hours on it. Meditating for 10 minutes every day can have a profound impact on your mind and body.

The first thing meditation does is to clear your mind of the thoughts that have been whirling your mind for the past many days. It gives you the ability to pick up the thoughts which you want. That is really important as a person becomes what he thinks. You need to build a positive image of yourself to lead a beautiful life. Meditation gives you that option.

When in control of the thoughts, you can now analyze your mistakes. It is a difficult thing to do as humans tend to blame others when an incident occurs. However, if you don’t look at what went wrong from your end, you will repeat the mistakes in the next relationship as well.

Another advantage of mediation is that it gives you the power to focus on little things in life, all those things which you earlier considered trivial. You will notice how beautiful your house looks but you never realized it. There was a lush green park nearby which you never appreciated. All these small, yet significant things would add colors and beauty to your dull life. You have been missing all those opportunities merely due to not having the right mindset.

After a successful meditation session, you will have a feel of peace and harmony. You can now walk down the street with confidence and smile on your face. No one would be able to figure out what you have been passing through a state of trauma.

One thing to be noted is that there are a lot of ways in which you can meditate. You may use an app, go to an expert or simply do it on your own. Whatever method you adopt, make sure you are reaping all the benefits. The best thing is to explore all the options and choose the best one.

  1. Volunteer

Humans always feel good when they help others. It is an innate ability. Now you can’t roam on the street and ask every passerby if they need assistance. That would be too weird.

The best way to help others is by Volunteering. You may volunteer at some orphanage house or work with an NGO. In this way, you will not only bring a smile on the face of less privileged members of the society but also fill your own life with happiness.

In today’s world, it is not difficult to find any volunteering opportunity. A simple Google search will give you a slew of options. If you are doing a job or have some other commitments, make sure to keep them in mind while selecting a volunteering opportunity.

  1. Solo travel

You have a lot of bitter memories of the place you are residing in. The streets you had walked through, the café where you had a cup of coffee every evening, and the park where you went occasionally to refresh your mind, all haunt you with the memories of the time you spend with your ex a. No matter how much you try, you are unable to kill down those thoughts. So, what is the solution? You don’t have the budget to shift to a new city. The best solution is to travel.

Traveling would give you an opportunity to explore new things. Planning an itinerary, driving around the new place, tasting the food, climbing the mountains (if any) are all fun to do. Isn’t it? They would be a good distraction. The best thing is that you have no chance of bumping into your ex.

When you travel, you get a chance to make new friends. You also have an opportunity to sit back and reflect deeply. These reflections help you to discover the purpose of life, what you really love doing and how you can move forward in life. Moreover, you will also be able to figure out what mistakes have been made. All this reflection is necessary if you are to commence a new chapter in life.

Explore the new place to the fullest. Visiting a greener place or an entertainment center would refresh your mind and bring a smile on your face. Remember not to spend lavishly on your travel otherwise, you might run into financial problems. That is not a good idea as the purpose of travel was to give you peace of mind rather than adding to your woes.

When you return, you will be a new person altogether. You won’t just have new memories but also a feeling of independence. While solo traveling, you had managed everything on your own. There was no one to assist you in your daily affairs. This independence will give you the confidence to live without your ex.

Also, you will now have a broad perspective on life. This is because you learned about a new culture and made new friends. The new perspective will teach you to appreciate even the little things in life that earlier went unnoticed. With so many benefits, solo traveling is one of the hobbies to do after a breakup.

  1. Write down your feelings in a journal

When you are emotionally down, it is common to lock yourself in a room. Most people prefer to be left alone. At a time when you don’t feel like talking to anyone, the best way to express your feelings is by penning them.

Take a diary and write down your feelings, what went wrong and why it all happened (the reason behind the event). Also, write down how you plan to move forward.  Don’t worry about the sequence, the grammar or anything else. Write down whatever comes to your mind. The anguish, pain, anger, feelings of misery, etc all should be jotted down. The journal is not to be read by anyone. So feel free to express yourself. When you do so, you will feel lightweight, as if someone has lifted a heavy object from your body.

Other than unleashing your feelings, you should also write down your future strategy. Brainstorm on how you intend to move past the breakup stage. If necessary, you can seek the help of a counselor who would help you plan life.   Also, use this time to reflect on your own mistakes. See what went wrong from your end. It is necessary so that you don’t repeat the mistakes, the next time you get into a relationship.

The reason why writing helps is that it allows you to get rid of all those harsh feelings. When you write, it is as though you have flushed out all the anguish associated with a breakup.

Journaling also makes you feel in control. It is because you can write whatever you want. There is no one to stop you. You are not sharing the feelings with any person who would stop you mid-conversation and say no, it was your mistake. This freedom empowers you to take control of your life and move ahead.

  1. GO for a morning walk daily

A walk in the park is one of the excellent hobbies to do after a breakup. Just like meditation, a walk would refresh your mind and soul.  During a walk focused on the greenery around yourself. Take a deep breath and then slowly release it. You will feel as if all the negativity is thrown out.


Hitting the gym might be the last thing that would come to your mind post-breakup. You are already emotionally strained. Why put pressure on your body as well? Let me explain.

A healthy body has a healthy mind. When you hit the gym, it brings your body in shape. Consequently, the mind becomes active than before. When the mind is healthy, you will have better control over your thoughts. It won’t wander.

Let me give you another reason why exercising is crucial. When relationships are strained, it is hard to control your eating habits. You are likely to put a lot of junk in your mouth, be it a scoop of ice cream, a meal from your favorite fast-food outlet or enjoying a pack of snacks. You will also be spending most of your time in bed. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to multiple health complications. You don’t want to run into another problem. Do you?

Apart from helping you get to rid of excess flab,  You will start loving yourself after getting in shape. A feeling of love will negate all the negative feelings you had after the breakup.

Exercise releases endorphins. These are the hormones that make you happy.  With all these benefits, hitting the gym is one of the wise hobbies to do after a breakup.

  1. Do babysitting for your neighbors

Kids are fun to be with. No matter how rigid you are, spending time with children is bound to bring a smile on your face and freshen up your mood.

Playing with kids brings back the fond memories of our childhood. It takes us back to the best days of our life. Who doesn’t want to remember those awesome days? All these memories will distract you from your concerns. So if you looking for something which can trigger good memories, babysitting are the best hobbies to do after a breakup

  1. Pick a book and start reading

In 2011 a study was conducted by the University of Arizona. The study examined the well-being of individuals after break up over a period of 8 weeks. It was found that reading is one of the best hobbies to do after a breakup.

Using reading for a cure isn’t something new. It has been in practice since the ancient Greek era. They used reading as therapy and called it Bibliography (the use of reading for therapy).

Comics (or any funny novel) is the best thing to read when you are emotionally strained. It would lead to a lot of giggles which will refresh your mind. You could also pick up an informative book to increase your grey matter. However, avoid reading books on relationships or any sad title. It would only add to your woes.

  1. Start cooking/baking (HOBBIES TO DO AFTER A BREAKUP)

Post-breakup, one thing a person misses the most is the love of his ex. One way to get that feeling is to treat yourself with a delicious meal. Now billions of food can be cooked/baked. How do you choose the best one? Well below are three foods believed to soothe the heart. Try one of them and see the magic yourself.

  1. Smoothies

There is a reason why this is the top of the list. After a breakup, you are likely to lose your appetite. Even though you haven’t eaten the entire day, your stomach feels rock heavy. Eating not at all is not an option. It can lead to health complications. In this scenario, smoothies are one of the best things to try. The reason for this is manifold.

First of all, they are quick and easy to prepare. You don’t have to add a lot of ingredients and then wait for hours for the drink to be ready. Moreover, smoothies are rich in nutrients that you need badly at this stage.

  1. Anything your ex hated

Hold your horses! I am not kidding at all. Allow me to explain.

While you were in the relationship, you had sacrificed a lot of food to make your ex happy. Now it is the time to fill that craving. It will give you solace and make you extremely happy.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolates are love. Aren’t they? The only time they are harmful is if you have a high level of sugar or dental complications. Other than that, chocolates are favorites of young and old alike.

A small study was conducted in 2006 to find out the impact of chocolate on the level of happiness. Thirty-seven women were part of the study. The majority of them reported increased elevation, reduced hunger and a higher level of happiness and joy.

Among all the types, Dark Chocolate is said to have the highest impact on the level of happiness. The reason being that it has less sugar and a huge number of antioxidants compared to other chocolates.

  1. Stay hydrated (HOBBIES TO DO AFTER A BREAKUP)

Other than having a bite of your favorite food, it is crucial to remain hydrated. This is because you are going through stressful conditions. Water can help you calm your mood and enhance your concentration span. All this is necessary if you are to move ahead in life.

  1. Build your self-esteem

It is normal to question your abilities after the breakup. You start questioning your confidence and relationship building skills among other abilities. You think you are a failure who can’t excel in life. It is very important to get rid of these thoughts. Otherwise, they impact your ability to perform in all walks of life: Be it in studies, corporate word or your future relationship. Building your self-esteem might seem an arduous task. However, it is easier than you think.

The best way to do so is by focusing on your capabilities or strengths. The glass is half full. You have heard this multiple times. Now is the time to implement it. Instead of thinking about what you are not, write down the list of what makes you different and unique. Have a look at this writing every time you begin to doubt yourself. When repeated over time, this activity will build your confidence and self-esteem.

If you are having a hard time preparing the list of positives, seek help from your relatives, friends or even family members. Ask them what they love the most about you. You will be surprised to hear that you have so much positive energy and goodness.

In the process of building self-esteem, it is important not to blame your ex even if he/she was responsible for all the havoc. Otherwise, you would be distracted from the process of confidence-building. Your job now should be to move ahead in life. It is not possible if you continue living in the past. The remembrance of your former relationship will bury you deep in sorrow. Resultantly, you will have constant feelings of guilt. This would not be helpful at all.

  1. Get rid of social media for a while

One of the worst things you could do after a breakup is to spend excessive time on social media. It has a lot of mood ramifications. Allow me to explain how?

You are on your couch having your favorite snacks along with a glass of a drink. You pick up the mobile, log in to Facebook and bump, there you see a picture of your ex with another boy/girl. Your ex seems so happy. You are surprised to see how quickly he/she has moved ahead in life. Will all this make you happy or feel worse? You know the answer very well.

If you think you can block your ex, that strategy might not work. This is because your ex might have a lot of mutual friends. Resultantly, you would indirectly see a lot of posts from him/her. Also, there is a chance that even after blocking your ex, you will have the temptation to check what they are doing. It is better to get rid of social media altogether to curb that temptation.

Avoiding your ex is not the only reason you should quit social media. Let me illustrate another important point in this regard. A lot of people glamorize their life on social media. Constant check-ins, filtered pictures, motivational quotes, etc. All these by your friends on social media will give you a perception that they are living a very content life. Whereas it might not be true in reality. It is common for individuals to glamourize their life. When you are going through a hard time, seeing all this will only add salt to your wounds.

A lot of people post about their breakup on social media in the hope of getting sympathy from their friends and acquaintance. That is a very unwise move. You will get a lot of likes and comments on your post. However, they will only be soothing for the time being. The best thing is to meet someone physically and discuss all your problems with them. It is a long term and a much better solution.

Having said that, it is also crucial to mention that it is not easy to get rid of social media as it is an addiction. A lot of studies have found that 1 in four teens check social media constantly or now and then. Though difficult, it is not impossible to snooze social media for a while. The best way to do it is to replace your social media crave with some productive activity. It could be reading a book, watching your favorites show or going out for a stroll.

  1. Seek the help of a therapist

Therapy is a cure for all malaise. And when you are going through a severe thing like a breakup, therapy is a must-try.

A good therapist will not only help you get past the emotional scar but also help you to move ahead in life by assisting you in defining goals, building your self-esteem, developing your trust levels and enhancing the confidence level to face the society.

The problem is that not a lot of people go towards therapy. The general public is skeptical of its effectiveness. Instead, they prefer to go to the doctor to get some medication. While medication is not a poor choice, therapies are better known for treating mental malaise. You should give it at least one shot.

So how does therapy work?

The first thing the therapist will do is to ask you about the whole scenario in detail. You must open up all the details to him/her. In the beginning, you might feel reluctant but as you start speaking, you will realize it to be much easier than think.


Start by describing how you got into the relationship, how it went by all those years and finally how it ended. Once you finish the conversation, you will feel lighthearted. Since the therapist is not your friend, relative or family member, you have nothing to hide. Consequently, you can share all the details with them.

A therapist will then find patterns in your story and work towards the solution. Just like any medicine, a single dose of therapy sessions will not be helpful. You will have to go over and over again. Some therapy sessions continue even for a year. Whatever schedule the therapist advises you, make sure to follow it religiously.

Some people resort to therapy apps and online tutorials. When you are broke in life, a mere youtube video or an application will not help at all. You need human interaction. You need someone who can listen to all your woes. YouTube and app therapy sessions should only be used to complement the physical sessions you are having with the therapist rather than replace them.

  1. Head over to the shopping mall

Again, this might seem like insane advice but believe me it is very helpful to get past the breakup trauma. Shopping is a great hobby to do after a breakup. So great that it is also called as “retail therapy”. Yes, you read that right! This is another therapy that is seldom discussed.  A study published in “Psychology of Marketing” in 2011 proved that retailed therapy is a good way to improve mood.


The reason why shopping works is that it allows us to visualize our better selves. Wouldn’t you look beautiful in your favorite outfit?

Moreover, many times during your relationship, your significant other half didn’t like a particular outfit or a shoe. It was your favorite but sacrificed it for the love of your ex. You felt bad but for it, but the relationship was more important than that cool looking dress. Therefore, you were ready to make that sacrifice.

Now when he/she is no more, you are free to try that dress or a pair of shoes. So why not take advantage of the opportunity? However, if you are a woman, make sure you don’t break your budget.  The advice applies equally to men. The reason for pointing out women was that research commissioned by found them to spend an average of $72 more after a breakup then during other times. The study was conducted on 2000 women. So keep your spending in check. You don’t want to put yourself into financial troubles after the breakup trauma.

These were the fifteen things you can do to get past the breakup and lead a normal life. Remember, like any other trauma, this one will also take time to repair. You can’t expect things to change overnight. The first and foremost thing to do is to divert your focus from the moments you spend with your ex. We have listed the fifteen best hobbies to do after breakup rather than cursing your ex. Remember that everything begins in the mind. If you can control your thoughts, you are the winner.



  • Hi Irish George! So very true on what you shared in this blog. As people do things for themselves that make them happier; maybe they will carry those habits of self-love not only while alone…but when they continue on a new journey sharing their time with another soul. People should never have to compromise taking care of self, or having alone time just because they are in a relationship. If fact, I think that its the “red flag” that that relationship isn’t the one for you if it doesn’t allow you to grow and take care of self on a physical and spiritual level. Also, when you meet a soulmate, there isn’t too much fighting against the current because you both enjoy similar interests and understand each other on a deeper level. I knew who my soulmate was when I had gone through all of the different relationships during my lifetime, and there was only one man I desired to be around as much as I desired my own alone time. My daughter very much likes her time alone as well to reflect, read, exercise, and fights for her time and space when she has a boyfriend. I have laughed at the last few years where men have come and gone with her because it became a hassle to give up her time for them. Obviously, they were not her soulmate! ? Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your appreciation. I am happy to know that you understand the true meaning of life and relationships. Stay Blessed.

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