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Does Psychic Healing Work

Intercessory prayer, often known as remote, faith and psychic healing would be a fascinating topic. Nearly 14,000 registered psychic healers in the United Kingdom presently practice spiritual healing. Psychic healing is one of the fastest-growing “alternate solution” treatments in the United States and one of the most improbable treatment techniques. The psychic healer gives directing “energy” toward their clients’ bodies, and healers can help them recover. In certain circles, “energy” is said to be divine. 

Many think this “healing energy” seems to defy definition, and even if this “energy” exists, it’s not apparent how it may help the body mend itself. The clinical data does not support psychic healing as a symptom treatment strategy. Psychic healing was influential in the majority of Randomized trials in the medical field. 

More recent research attempted to establish significant impacts but came up short. Patients who were confident they would receive intercessory psychic healing following bypass surgery had a more significant result in one such trial. So mounting evidence to the field, healing is now preached on a big scale. 

For cancer patients, “the laying on of hands is utilised to reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation.” Healing is not costly, which gives patients more cost-effective options. 

What if spiritual healing isn’t for you? Read this and see if it changes your mind.

After reading this article guided by Irish George, doubters attempting psychic healing for the first time will feel more at ease. There are several advantages that he is an advocate for mixing holistic and alternative treatments with traditional care. For psychic healing to be effective, does the recipient need to be open-minded and eager to change their ways? If the person arrives with an open mind and heart, the process is much easier. 

He spends a lot of time working with animals and infants. They are constantly open to healing because they can better discern what is healthy for them than evil. He doesn’t need to nag them about coming prepared with an open mind and heart. If you’ve never had a healing experience before, it’s reasonable to be skeptical. He is not trying to persuade them. He is reliable in the vast majority of cases. I feel that if a patient comes to him, s/he is already a part of them that is open and eager to heal; otherwise, they wouldn’t have bothered. Permission is required for all of my work. He can aid individuals working remotely without being physically there in any part of the world. 

The transfer of energy involves correct disciplines and the particular gift of nature concepts, but I prefer to refer to healing as a ‘healing art’ rather than a science. Any “hopeless patients” my colleagues and I come across—those in which the illness keeps coming back or is otherwise thought to be terminal—are always welcome in my office. Traditional western medicine can and should work hand in hand with complementary and alternative healing modalities like Psychic Healing. I hope that this will become more widely accepted in the coming years. 

Among the incidents I can think of is that my spiritual guru Irish George was diagnosed with cancer when I began practicing many years ago. Her diagnosis and colon cancer surgery were separated by a period during which I provided her with routine healing. It wasn’t until after she had woken up from her anesthesia that the doctor admitted that seeing how much smaller her tumor was compared to what had been observed at her initial visit made him wonder whether he’d picked the incorrect patient. Cancer had migrated to her liver, which was discovered during a follow-up visit. I received a crisis call from her. The thought that her cancer may have reappeared as a secondary tumor in a more difficult-to-treat location made her very anxious, so I made plans to provide her with further healing. I urged her to be retested right away (in those days). I was retesting and revealed that the malignancy had disappeared.


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