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What is Clairvoyance

A “clairvoyant” is a person who is able to see clearly, both mentally and visually. After making a short debut as that of acute adjective indicating a sharp sense of observation in English throughout the 17th century, this phrase didn’t gain traction until the early 19th century. Nowadays, the term “supernatural” is most commonly used to describe if someone has an unexplained capacity to know or see information that others do not possess. (A person with this skill is now referred to as “clairvoyant” as just a noun.) “Clairvoyant” has been almost generally used during ESP meaning nowadays, but it’s often used in a less serious context. To paraphrase: “Are you able to see into the future? What gave you the impression that I would be going to show up in my flamingo T-shirt? “

Abilities of Psychics

There are a variety of varieties of psychic ability, despite the widespread belief that everyone possesses some level of this power. Clairvoyance is a sort of psychic talent that some people have, while others don’t. Clairvoyance seems to be the gift of being able to glimpse into the future. Clairvoyance has indeed been attributed with helping individuals locate missing children as other items via the use of remote viewing techniques. Clairvoyance, much like most psychic talents, does not have a scientific basis. According to anecdotal evidence, however, there are several people who claim they have been using clairvoyance in various ways.


Irish George is from Ireland and has had an encounter with clairaudience, meaning means he feels things instead of sees them.


“Occasionally I hear the words that give me an idea of what’s going on. It took a while for me to realise I wasn’t going crazy, so I had mine hearing examined as well as a mental health evaluation performed. Only a single word – and it was even one word or complete story – can explain what I’m seeing and hearing. I was awakened in the midst of the night by my mother’s voice yelling “flood” when he was on a vacation last year. Since, you know, she would be on a ship inside the middle on the ocean, I wanted to make sure everything was well with her. Everything appeared to be in order. I went back home the next week to feed the animals and discovered that a pipe had broken approximately ten seconds before I arrived.”

It’s also possible to be clairsentient or claircognizant in addition to being clairvoyant. The ability to view dreams and visions when meditating is seen by some to be a sort of clairvoyance as well.




Types of Psychic Ability Not Listed Here

It is important to remember that clairvoyance is simply one of several sorts of psychic powers. There are many others, such as empaths, mediums, and intuitionists, among them. The term “medium” is often used to describe someone who has the ability to communicate with the spirit realm. A medium is, by definition, someone who communicates with the dead sometimes in form or another. Psychic compassion is one way that some peoples choices psychic abilities show out. Empaths are those who are able to perceive and understand the emotions plus sentiments of others without them expressing them directly.





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  • Very true. I have been guided by a spirit who I was told was my mother, giving me a message. It happened early one morning a very loud voice in my left ear sayin”He’s thinking of you” I have never experienced this before but it put me on my spiritual journey.

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