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We are Genuinely Ineffable, as Ineffable as Ultimate Reality.

In this realization, our mind is freed, and vibrancy is unleashed. The phenomenon of being a person is ineffable; who we are is ineffable. We are in a play of forms, in which we assume a role and pretend to be a definable person.

We call ourselves by name and tell others our occupation as if it defines who we are as a person, but in reality, nothing can define who we are. Who we are is as mysterious as ultimate reality, true magic made manifest?

Identity is a prison barring us from realizing this. We cling to identity because we are forced to acknowledge a mystery so profound it can make us completely mad without it. Our definitions and identities are safeguards from this maddening Mystery. Only a highly experienced person like Irish George will help you understand your true self’s life and reality.

The Mystery of Life

If people woke up from the Illusion, they would see life as a complete mystery and a miracle, something so miraculous that the mind is entirely incapable of grasping it.

In this miraculous experience, we are faced with the fact that reality and self-hood are ineffable, which frees us from the prison of identity. Outside of this prison is a place where all things possible are attainable.

A bleak reality cuts off possibility, and a vibrant reality permits all possibility. The vibrancy of life is attained when we perceive the possibilities, and our mind is freed when it is permitted to explore those possibilities.

The Reality of Existence on Earth

It may seem that this existence on Earth has become a defined and established reality without much possibility for change. It seems we have to accept a role within this established reality and become a cog within it. The status quo seems to rule, and we are servants to it.

However, these things are illusory as a possibility is always open to us. The idea that we are limited keeps the mind from being free, and it’s what keeps the mind within confines. Without the confinements, the mind can explore and envision all possibilities.

Identity, the will to receive, attachments, world views and persona all act like confinements for the mind, moulding the mind into a defined thing not capable of exploring the possibility. When the mind is freed from confinements in the realization that we are ineffable, the vibrancy of life is unleashed.

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