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Spiritual Healing Therapy is unlike the use of medicine for healing purposes. Drug usage expected to reach USD 1.5 trillion by 2021. However, these medicines come with their side effects. So the question is what the alternative is? You can’t get rid of medication altogether.

The answer lies in spiritual healing.

What is Spiritual Healing Therapy?

Spiritual healing therapy, also known as faith or energy healing, is the use of non-tangible (or spiritual) means for the treatment of ailments. This type of healing is not new, instead has been known for centuries. Spiritual healing therapy is said to be present in every culture in history. However, the reason that it is not known to the masses is due to the rise of the pharmaceutical industry which started promoting drugs through various channels.

At its core, spiritual healing therapy is the use of natural forces or, in other words, the use of divine energy for treatment purposes. The more you are receptive to this energy, the quicker you will be healed. Many factors play a role in how you can increase the receptivity of this energy. One significant aspect is the belief in this type of healing.

The best thing about spiritual healing therapy is that it can heal both the mind and body. If you want to heal yourself truly, you need to align both your mind and body. No medicine in the world can do this.  Spiritual healing therapy can take many forms, e.g. prayer, meditation and the use of a healer among other methods. Whatever method you use, the results would be the same if you are doing it correctly. Later in the article, we would discuss the different forms in detail.


Medical Evidence

Before we move on to discuss the advantages of spiritual healing therapy, we need to know if there is any evidence of the effectiveness of this method? There have been numerous studies conducted to prove the validity of spiritual healing. One such study published in July 2014, recorded the perspective of German healers and their clients.

In this study, a total of 15 healers and 16 clients participated. The healers used a variety of methods for spiritual healing therapy. It included healing by incantations, prayer, and hands. The results of this study revealed that all the clients had a positive impact on spiritual healing therapy. The patients experienced inner peace, internal cleaning, relaxation, internal strength, improved relationship, laser-sharp focus, enhanced financial swell being and an increased feeling of joy in their daily life among other benefits.

In another study, hospital patients treated with spiritual healing therapy required fewer antibiotics than others. Another surprising discovery was that one form of spiritual healing did not require any boundary. A healer and the subject could be miles away and the distance didn’t impact the outcome of the process.

History of spiritual healing therapy

As we mentioned earlier, spiritual healing therapy has been there for the past many centuries. It is as old as the human race. There is a contradiction among the experts on the exact time when spiritual healing was first practiced. However, it is believed by the majority that spiritual healing was first found in Shamanism which is arguably the world’s oldest religion.

When we turn through the pages of history, we find spiritual healing therapy among almost all civilizations. The Essenes, a Jewish sect, lived around 3rd Century BC and had their own spiritual healing methods which they practiced frequently. The Indians, ancient Egyptians, and Greece, China, Polynesian, etc all had their own form of spiritual healing therapy.

Even though the way spiritual healing therapy was conducted varied among the civilizations, their purpose was the same. i.e. to heal the mind and body. They recognized that complete harmony could not be achieved by merely focusing on the body. As time passed by, spiritual healing therapy gained popularity due to its effectiveness.

In the late 19th Century, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky founded Theosophy which is the study of divine powers. She promoted the use of mystical power to cure the mind and body. Her worked sparked interest among other researches as well who started working on spiritual healing therapy. This lead to spiritual healing becoming mainstream. By the late 20th Century, spiritual healing therapy had firmly established itself in America.


What ailments can be cured by spiritual healing therapy?

We have already discussed that spiritual healing is a cure for both mind and body. We also explained that there had been a significant amount of research to back its effectiveness. But a question arises that what sort of diseases can be cured with this method? Can we depend on spiritual healing therapy for all our problems? It is not easy to answer in a simple “Yes” or “No”.

However, I can say with full confidence that spiritual healing therapy is the cure to most of the problems that an individual faces over his lifetime. Let’s have a look at some of those problems and their cure.

  1. Stress

In today’s fast-paced environment, every other person seems to be affected by stress. Whether it is regarding your job, financial matters, personal relationship or any other matter, stress appears to be a permanent part of our lives. However, the good news is that you can cure it without the use of expensive medication. Stress releases a chemical in the body which leads to a slew of problems. Spiritual healing therapy focuses on the root cause by helping you divert your attention away from it which nullifies the impact of those harmful chemicals.

  1. Blood Pressure

Other than stress, blood pressure is also standard among the public. People turn towards expensive medication in the hope of getting rid of this malaise. What the majority of people are not aware of is that spiritual healing therapy is a perfect alternative to blood pressure medications. A lot of studies have documented that patients reported getting rid of not just blood pressure after a few sessions of spiritual healing therapy, but also of other cardio complications

  1. Depression


A study conducted in Michigan demonstrated that African Americans who involved in spiritual exercises on a regular basis were less prone to anxiety and depression in their lifetime. Similarly, another study conducted in South Carolina demonstrated that moms who regularly went through spiritual healing therapy were less likely to be involved in medical complications… Not only this, surprisingly, these moms passed the benefits to their offsprings as well.


Well, this might come as a surprise to you, but yes, spiritual therapy has proved to provide numerous benefits to cancer patients.


A research conducted in Texas found that patients who believed in the power of prayer and spirituality were in a better position to recover from cancer.


Please note that it is vital to seek advice from a professional spiritual healer rather than doing it on your own. Also, in some cases, it is better to get treatment by a doctor rather than a spiritual healer.


Different types of spiritual healings

Spiritual healing comes in different forms. it is crucial to be aware of all the types so that you can decide which one is best for you. Your choice will depend on what problems you are facing now. Another factor would be whether you are looking for a cure to one issue or more than one. Below we discuss the three main types of Spiritual healing therapies.


  1. Contact Healing

In contact healing, the healer places his hand on the body of the patient to transfer the energy. Some people believe that the hand is placed on the site of pain. While it might be the case, this is not necessary. It is essential for the patient to remain calm and relaxed and not be in a state of discomfort


  1. Absent Healing

Unlike contact healing, this form of healing does not involve any contact between the healer and the patient. Also, in Absent healing, the physical presence of the patient is not necessary. He/She only has to be mentally prepared to receive the energy from the healer. The healer reads out the name of the person to whom the energy is to be transferred followed by a few words.


  1. Near Body Healing

In this type, the healer brings his hand in the proximity of the body of the patient and then the transfer of energy takes place. Remember that there is not any contact.


The logic behind Spiritual Healing Therapy

After going through the different types of spiritual healing therapies, you might be wondering how do they work?

How can a healer cure a patient by placing his hand on their body (contact healing)?

How can healing occur in the absence of the patient (absent healing)?

What goes on that leads to the transfer of energy?

Let’s find out.

Everything in the universe (whether a living creature or a non-living) is made up of atoms/particles. These particles are in constant motion and hence emit energy. The same is the case with our bodies. The energy emitted is not visible to the naked eye. The energy around our body is known as the aura. In the past few years, a scientist has succeeded in developing a method to photograph these energies and analyze them. Some healers use this method to observe the energy and then use it to carry out the healing process. Others claim they can see it with their naked eye.

When a person is happy, he releases positive energy, and when he is sad or ill, a negative vibe spreads out. The healer works to convert this negative energy into a positive one and hence cures the patient. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. The healer needs to have positive energy himself to be able to transfer it.  This requires practice.

Can I conduct Spiritual Healing Therapy?

Some people claim to have the power of spiritual healing by birth. Whether this is true or not is another debate. The good news for you is that like any other skill, spiritual healing therapy can also be learned.

Some many workshops and seminars teach the ins and outs of spiritual healing therapy. A simple Google search might help you find the nearest such seminar. If you are unsure whether this is something you should pursue as a career, you might want to attend a one-day seminar where they tell about spiritual healing and its future market outlook.

Once you learn it, don’t forget to practice this therapy on yourself. This is because you must remain cool and calm if you are to treat the patients. As we discussed earlier, spiritual healing is all about transferring positive vibes from the healer to the patient. If you do not have positive energy, there is no way you can heal others.

Once you have completed the certification, there are ample opportunities in the market. You can join any clinic, start your own or become a teacher who teaches the art of spiritual healing to the public. There are numerous opportunities in this field… The sky is the limit!

So in today’s article, we have talked in depth about what spiritual healing therapy is, it’s history, types of spiritual healing therapies and how you can become one yourself, among other things. As time passes by, people have become more health-conscious. Also, in the past few years, a shift from traditional medicines have taken place due to the rising costs and associated side effects. As such, more people are turning towards spiritual healing therapy. Another reason for people to turn towards this natural method for healing is the increased rate of depression and anxiety and the related problems they bring. Consequently, people are searching for means to connect to nature and go for natural treatments that are believed to have long-lasting results.

One thing to note is that initially, you should have a mix of conventional medicine and spiritual healing therapy. This is because if you suddenly deprive your body of the medication you have been taking for years, it will have a negative impact on your body.





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