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Why Irish George?

Irish George is a gifted internationally recognized psychic medium, with a natural ability to contact the spirit world and bring messages from those in the spirit world.

How it Works?

A psychic/medium channels messages from spirit(s) to the person requiring a reading. Questions can be about love, career/jobs, finances, and any other general questions.

100% Satisfaction

We Guarantee a 100% satisfaction after the reading. We guarantee that there will be a significant improvement in your life and relationships after the reading.

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Irish George is a gifted internationally recognized psychic medium, a gift which he has had from childhood with a natural ability to contact the spirit world and bring messages from those in the spirit world. The communication process of mediumship is a bridge connecting two worlds, connecting us with our loved ones who have passed over helping us to bring closure, resolve, and healing.

Irish George demonstrates his unique abilities which consist of clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Clairvoyant means the gift of clear sight; clairaudient means the gift of hearing spirit and clairsentient means the gift of sensing spirit. Through these unique gifts opens the door to the world of spirit and is honored by the trust placed in him by the world of spirit and the person who Irish George is doing the reading for.

The aim is for you to have a better understanding of yourself and deal with any challenge and pass messages from your loved ones in the spirit world from you to help through life’s many problems.

For an accurate and in-depth reading you can always rely on Irish George for an honest, accurate and straight to the point reading.

When you book online, for telephone readings, you can choose the time which suits you and the length of the reading you require.

Irish George is available for events, one to one, or for groups/parties and platform work, please see website for details throughout the world.

Workshops and courses for healing mediumship and spiritual counseling using his extensive knowledge and experience, please see the website for details.

The mediumship course is very interesting. The course helps you to develop your psychic abilities with an intensive course of mediumship which will help you hone your skills to help others.

There is also the healing course he conducts which helps you develop the healing gifts you have; with the gift of healing, you have through an intensive course which will help you hone your skills to help others.

Then there is the spiritual counseling, what does spiritual counseling entail? It gently releases negative feelings and beliefs to release your true potential. For more details please look on the website.

For an accurate in depth reading, you can book online for an honest accurate straight to the point service.

You must be over 18 to use this service.

For legal reasons, this is for entertainment only!


Hello I Am Irish George

I am Irish George . I was born in Ireland and have had a natural gift since childhood. I have over 30 years of experience in giving psychic readings and have regular clients from all over the world
I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and hear spirit talking. I tune into people’s voices and pass on detailed information from spirit. Very often I do not understand what the message is about as it is personal to you.
I do private one to one readings or via mobile, Skype or email
I do platform work, group and party readings.
Find out more about me and my work on my “About Me” Page



Irish George Psychic Interview on Manchester Radio


I confirm that I am at least 18 years old and have voluntarily decided to book or participate in a reading for myself. I understand that Irish George or any intuitive, cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy of any statements and that I do not expect any guarantee predictions of the future in this service. The payments are non refundable.


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