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Psychic spiritual healing is a type of energy healing techniques. Spiritual healing acts on the energy field around the body to release trapped energy stored within. Mental, emotional or physical trauma may cause this obstructed capability. The patient is able to start the healing process as the spiritual healer releases the flow of energy.

While different approaches exist, energy therapies are generally based on the premise that all in the universe is made up of energy at a fundamental level. Psychic spiritual healers agree that energy cleansing and healing optimizes health and vitality, helping the person to release emotional baggage without reliving past experiences. The field of psychic healing has been little studied; having faith in the mind’s power to heal the body is an important part of this process.

Psychic Spiritual Healing Still Works

Psychic Spiritual Healing is our due right – to have a union and live in harmony with the universe, to seek gratitude for the one greatest opportunity that the Almighty has offered us – to be alive, to be here and now, in this brilliant time.

This is actually the best time to be alive relative to any other age in the past, unlike what many people assume. Several doors were opened – doors that were supposed to be closed permanently.

Today, psychics can offer their services openly and freely without being persecuted for witchcraft and seekers can openly seek the Truth by trying different religious methods. Everything is possible.

Yet we lose hope even in this brilliant time. Getting stressed out by unpaid bills and feeling abandoned by the loved ones who don’t respond might be a common thing. A non-supportive family and a bad office environment can easily make us stressed and anxious.

Psychic Spiritual Healing makes it feasible for us to become a stronger version of ourselves. Spiritual psychic healing can lead us to a state where we are no longer bothered by the outside world issues and problems. We simply accept and conform to the reality that life is not always an ideal one. Everything changes with time so let it change. Life is the name of change.

In many different ways, psychic healing can help people – often unforeseen. Healing may heal anyone completely – or may not, but may also allow them to deal with their illness and become more optimistic. It happens almost never that if someone receives healing and feels no relief after it. Miraculous instant cures are uncommon, but not impossible, and this possibility should always be open to us.

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Types of Psychic Healing

Mental Healing

It requires monitoring the patient’s cells to ensure that they work properly. Mental healing stresses the concept of mind-body proper synergy and working. It helps to relieve any negative causes from the mind that might be causing suffering to the body. The belief held by people causes them psychological problems which that lead to physical illnesses.

Mental healers believe that the way we become ill due to negative thinking can, in the same way, become healthy by positive mental thoughts.

Pranic Healing

‘Prana ‘ is the term for life force in Sanskrit. In China, it is called ‘ chi ‘ and in Japan, it is called ‘Ki’. Pranic Healing is a groundbreaking and systematic method of treatments for natural healing that uses prana to treat disease. It is a fusion of ancient, mystic healing practices that the founder of Modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, has rediscovered, studied and tested over decades with proven success.

Pranic Healing was described as a simple yet very powerful technology that can be used with immediate patient benefits.

Pranic Healing corrects the body’s energy field imbalances and transfers the patient’s life force. This life force is also known as universal energy; it is not the energy of the healer. Trained Pranic Healers use specific frequencies and techniques for particular diseases and conditions to access and transmit universal energy to the patient. Pranic healing is done without being touched.

Pranic Healing involves three steps procedure that greatly accelerates the inherent healing power of the body at all levels: physical, psychological, cognitive, and spiritual.

Checking is scanning for any abnormalities in energy levels.

Cleansing: it is removing any negative energy from the body. It is used to remove dirty or diseased body energy and to eliminate energy stream blockages.

Energizing: the flow of fresh ‘ prana ‘ or life energy to the body happens once the healing process is complete. The damaged or negative energies are replaced with positive and healing ones.

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Near to Body Healing

This may be the typical type of supernatural healing you always thought about. The healer should place their hands just slightly above the patient in this form of spiritual healing. The healer comes close but does not make contact with the client.

Near the body, healing is a touch healing, but a few centimeters from the skin are separated by the feet. Through the healer, healing energies are directed at the patient’s aura and then at the spirit where healing takes place.

Magnetic Healing

Given what the name may suggest, there are no magnets or magnetism involved in this healing process. Rather, this method involves direct contact between the healer and the patient in order to establish an open channel of communication with energy.

Magnetic healing is the transfer of energy from one person to another. This technique of Psychic spiritual healing is effective in various ways. This is usually from the healer to someone who has low energies or who is physically sick. Also known as healing of aura, healing of magnetic energy is a type of healing power. The value of this form of energy healing lies in the fact that it can help clear the field of magnetic energy also known as the auric field so that you can experience physical health and peace of mind.

This electromagnetic field is at the core of the regeneration of magnetic energy. This induces disharmony, which further affects a specific part of the etheric human body, whenever there is a blockage in the flow of energy through the channels or from the vortex. This blockage of energy usually affects the state of mind, psychologically, and physically. The blockage of energy often causes stress, anxiety, rage, depression, flu or cold, joint pain, and much more.

You may ask a spiritual healer for help in such a situation to concentrate on the magnetic energy to remove the blockage. This removal of blockage and channeling the current is known as the regeneration of magnetic energy.

The use of magnetic energy for therapeutic purposes has several fundamental benefits. Some of the most important advantages are:

  • This helps remove negative energy or emotions that are detrimental and negative. Some of the negative emotions that can be replaced are indignation, frustration, disaster, etc.
  • This helps to improve clarity. It can also eliminate your mind’s uncertainty and doubt.
  • It will help restore your concentration on life, employment, or other essential aspects of life.
  • This helps to reduce tension.
  • It helps to remove various types of disturbances of the mind.
  • It helps to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit
  • This eliminates any kind of low energy that hinders the physical body’s functioning
  • This helps to eliminate and regulate psychological imbalances such as low self-esteem, eating disorder, and addiction.
  • This helps eliminate and regulate psychological imbalances such as indecisiveness, poor communication, anxiety, and so on.
  • Healing with magnetic energy helps to restore harmony and peace of mind by manipulating the power circulating through the energy stream and vortex.
  • Also by meditation, or combining meditation with energy healing, you can gain all these benefits.

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Distant Healing

Distant healing, or remote healing, is a procedure that affects someone else even though they are several miles away. It’s easy enough for anyone to do it. All you need is a deep, genuine desire to heal others and the patience required for healing to achieve the meditative state.

Psychic spiritual healing of this type is effective in many ways. Distant healing, or remote healing, provides the unique advantages of helping others and healing beyond geographical limits. As there is a difference between physical and spiritual reality, healing can occur from a distance as well.

The practitioner channels energy into the clients during a remote healing process and wants the healing to go where it is most necessary. A therapy for remote healing works like an in-person healing session. The treatment may last up to an hour but is usually given in shorter sessions of 20 minutes.

Remote healing is possible when divine power is not restricted by time and space. A qualified healer will set a far-off target on someone. The healer may be mindful of the energy of the remote man. They can help remove barriers and unwanted energies from your body from the distant person. They will allow distant people to stream their own spiritual energy. In this manner, they can heal themselves. Distant healing is also a source of calming the stress and important component in the healing process.

Here are some important benefits of distant healing:

  • Especially when there are physical or geographical factors, remote healing is useful. If for some reason you’re ill, bedridden, or would rather not leave your home … distant healing will help the cycle of spiritual health healing–without having to leave your own home comfort.
  • For some reason when you live far away and transport is an obstacle … distant healing provides an alternative way to support healing — above the limits of location It is also reassuring to know that even at a distance you can help the healing process of your loved ones.
  • It can be cost-effective and also facilitate in the healing process if you are unable to travel to the psychic healer.

Absent Healing

Absent healing is any sort of “given” healing energy that is obtained across time and space and has a healing effect on the recipient. You don’t have to be physically present with the healer with this type of work to seek the healing.

Absent healing is based on a divine spirit’s interaction to assist the process of healing and is usually done by a religious leader or psychic healer. Usually, this process involves prayer and rituals. Most absent healers maintain a Healing Book that lists the names of those in need of healing assistance. Those names can then be chanted by the healers, a process is known to last up to fifteen minutes.

Absent healing is a psychic spiritual healing technique and is particularly powerful when used by a group of like-minded people who meet specifically for the purpose of bringing healing to those loved ones who are far away, in the hospital, or who are unable to be present for other purposes. The healer sends energy to the client through the power of intention. In this way, he can concentrate on the client and interact with their energy.

Here are some major benefits of absent healing:

  • A proven powerful type of mind, body, and spirit healing
  • You don’t have to drive or leave home
  • A distance healer’s option from anywhere in the world
  • Healing can occur anywhere, anytime
  • It is ideal for people who are unable to tolerate and prone to being touched by someone
  • Your privacy is kept intact
  • Effectiveness was shown in the diagnosis of ‘ invisible ‘ and unexplained diseases/disorders
  • Brings the physical body balance and vital power
  • It can also restore energy levels that are exhausted

Trans Healing

Trance Healing involves transmitting healing energy from spirit to the subject. It is one of the powerful psychic spiritual healing techniques out there. The distinction between other forms of healing and trance healing is the trance healer’s state of consciousness. The Trance Healer also experiences a deep brainwave delta state; a state that is marked by deep Trans.

Because of the work of John of God, a trance healer from Brazil, this method of healing has become better known. Oprah has made many shows about John of God and through his trance healing research, he has helped several people. By John of God, people travel around the world to undergo healing.

Trans healing has several benefits including but not limited to following:

  • It helps release old bad behaviors.
  • Promotes good health.
  • It helps you achieve any goal
  • Live a more peaceful life
  • Find the sense of your purpose






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