ONE-On-one Healing Workshop

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an incredibly sophisticated and fluid form of psychic healing. For this type of spiritual healing, the healer invokes a spiritual or universal healing force and then sends it to the person being healed. Working through this spiritual way in psychic healing can be very rewarding.

Pranic healing

Pranic healing, although it is simple, must be done carefully. For pranic healing, the healer employs the universal life force, also known as “ki” or “prana”. The healer focuses this force to parts of the other person’s body that need healing in order to help the balance of energies in those areas.

Mental healing

This form of healing is extremely powerful because it utilizes the human mind and all of its complexities. The healer forms a mental connection to the other person’s mind and with the affected area that needs healing. The healer then creates an image that the area is healed for the person being healed.

Price Mediumship Workshop and Spiritual Counselling is £90/HOUR.

How does this workshop work?

These are six one-hour sessions through 6 weeks. We all have psychic abilities. Some people find it easier to access and use these abilities than others. Having a positive attitude and learning to relax, imagine and trust will help you to develop your own. I am here to help you develop yours. Workshops are tailor-made – they are adjusted to your needs.

Set your goals

“Yes he did ask me to go on the holiday in January thanks so much Irish George you are a star and truly gifted.”

-Mary M